Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

After my land is cleared, will you remove the debris?

We're a one-stop excavation services shop, so we do everything. After the land clearing is done, we'll use our industrial trucks to haul any debris to a safe disposal location or your storage if you plan to keep the materials.

Do you really clear debris from demolition jobs?

We are ready to do demo work and take the mess with us when we leave.

Are you an exclusive contractor?

We take good care of all of our clients, even if they are general contractors in competition with one another.

Can I bring my own truck to pick up aggregate?

Absolutely. We can load your truck at the pit or we have self serve bins for a few of our more popular items that you can shovel on yourself. Our bins contain Brick Sand, Stone Dust, Granular A, Drainage Stone, or Screened Topsoil.

I'm building a new house. Is grading necessary?

The short answer is yes. Building on unleveled ground can lead to many future issues, such as an unstable foundation and water drainage problems. Our grading services will make sure that these issues are properly taken care of.

Is Hope Hardscaping and Excavating LLC available to work on the weekends?

We know that many of our clients are working with a strict deadline. With that in mind, we offer not only the ability to mobilize our team on the weekend but also for extended days during the week to make sure your project is done on time.

Do You Have Any Questions?